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Pete and Jaime have a NEW LIVE SHOW! 

Join Pete and Jaime for their weekly show “Sacred Heart Saturdays!” This is the start of a shared ministry between this dynamic and offbeat couple that has been in the works for some time. Tune in every Saturday and enjoy witty banter, current events, the weekly gospel reading, a “why do Catholics” segment and music from Jaime. 

The purpose of this ministry is to help people heal, learn and grow. These shows are just the beginning of some exciting things to come as Jaime and Pete set out on a new adventure and pray/dream their way into the next chapter of their lives which includes a much larger ministry in Southern Idaho aimed at helping young people during difficult transitions. More information on that “dream” will come as things unfold. 

Tune in Saturday nights and consider booking Jaime and Pete for your next Parish mission or church retreat. 

First live show will be June 6, 2020!!!!!!

These LIVE Show's will be archived on the Types of Events Page under Sacred Heart Saturdays.


The Harvest Is Plentiful Tour!  

I'm So Excited to be part of this Virtual Event on Sunday May 31st!  Put it on your Calendars and Register Today!






The concert will be a webinar in the WINE Virtual Vineyard with hosts: 

Kelly Wahlquist 
Kitty Cleveland 
Marie Miller; with special guest appearances by 
Teresa Tomeo 

This event will combine stories and songs, teachings from Scripture, and inspirational witnesses of what it means to be “women in the new evangelization.” The goal is to welcome, encourage, and inspire our audience while elevating our beautiful sisters in Christ who have shared their incredible musical talent with WINE over the years. 

Date: May 31, 2020 

Time: 8 PM – 10 PM, EST 

Location: WINE Virtual Vineyard 

Register HERE: 

Cost: $10 (scholarships available)



Call Your Friends Today!  
Invite them to Join you on Sunday, May 31st  
— Virtually or 6 feet Away.  
It is going to be a spectacular event...  

So, please don’t delay!  

 *Please excuse our Dr. Seuss moment, perhaps just perhaps, two-plus months in quarantine is starting to affect us (just a little bit).











Here is the video for my Recording of the "Ave Maria" (Traditional Prayer in Latin) as well as a Preview of the Song before it's Official Release Date of April 29.

I made this video specific to the unique times in which we are living. My hope is that it will bring you peace and comfort during this time as well as encourage you to spend more time in prayer.


A HUGE Thank You to all of you who took pictures and sent them to me so I could put this video together. And thank you for ALL you are doing to serve us during this time. Please know that you are being covered in prayer.

Going LIVE on Facebook! 

Hi Friends,

My wonderful husband and I will be going LIVE from my Facebook Artist Page (@JThietten) for a few days this next week. Each segment will be about 10 minutes. While quarantined at home, we wanted to be able to do Something to encourage others and give hope. We'd love for you to join us.

You can view my April Update/Newsletter below the picture.



Hi Friends, 

A lot has happened since my last newsletter. We are certainly living in interesting times aren't we? I pray you are all staying safe and well. My husband and I have been spending a lot of time prayer. I have to keep reminding myself in times like this that God did not promise us we wouldn't have hard times or endure suffering, but He DID promise that He would be with us and never leave us during those times. I am counting my blessings that I am able to quarantine and work a little from home. So many of you are on the front lines and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for risking your health to serve and help others. Let's continue praying for our health care professionals, first responder's, military, delivery workers, care-givers, grocery store workers, scientists, leaders and all of those on the front lines serving and doing their best to keep us safe. 



Just last night we had an earthquake here in Southern Idaho. We don't get them very often and we are thankful we were over 100 miles from the epicenter which was a 6.5 Magnitude quake which lasted 20-30 seconds. The floor rolled, the light fixtures swayed back and forth, we felt dizzy and a little nauseous, and our dog Mac stood there and stared at the floor. After it was over, my husband and I looked at each other, smiled and said "Jesus, can you just come already?" lol. 


Stay safe and well. Let's continue to cover each other in prayer. 


P.S. I want to end with the words of a meme that's been going around on FB that will hopefully bring a smile. 

"This is the Lentiest Lent I ever Lented."

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