Happy 2016 and 40th Birthday Thoughts

Happy 2016 Everyone!

Time just seems to be flying by faster and faster, the older I get. I remember, as a child, over hearing adults say this. It was always a hard concept to grasp because, as a kid, you are always wanting time to go faster. “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to drive”.  “I can’t wait until I graduate from High School or college”. “I can’t wait until I get married”. 

40th Birthday 
Well, on February 1st I celebrate my 40th birthday. WHAT? How did that happen? The actual party isn’t until the 13th and my husband is planning something special. For those of you who know my husband, you can understand why I’m a little nervous about what will happen at this party. I may or may not share what happened in my next newsletter. HAHA! 

Looking Ahead  vs.  Living In The Moment 
This past week I took some time to look back at the last 40 years and what I have done in that time. There are certainly some pretty amazing things that I have been able to experience, and some amazing blessings that God has poured out on my marriage, my music ministry and my personal life. And I am very thankful and humbled. 
But I also took a step back and took a real look what I’ve done the last 40 years and what I’d like the next 40 to be like. I came to the realization that I’ve spent most of my life worrying about the future and planning for what’s ahead that I’ve completely failed to live in the moment. My mom told me a few weeks ago that I come by that honestly, because that’s how she lived her life until recently. 
It’s so hard to “Live in the moment”, to concentrate on the here and the now. I realize that by not doing these things, I have caused a lot of damage to myself, to my marriage and to friends and family. I have spent my life doing ministry and music and making my JOB my life. I have become a work-a-holic. I have not managed my time well. I have failed to take time to focus on taking care of me, my own spiritual growth, my husband, my family and my friends. I’m not using this as an excuse but I’ve found it very hard to work in ministry because “ministry is your work”. It’s a blessing but also a curse because you feel torn. It’s hard to draw that line and be ok with taking time off because it’s ministry and that’s what we are here to do, right?   

Life is more than work. 
(And even though I’ve heard it many times, it took me 40 years to finally figure this out) 

When we don’t take time for ourselves, time to grow, time with God, time to play and have fun, then we aren’t as effective in “ministry and work” as we could be. That’s because we are running on empty. I’ve run on empty for a long time. 
I am making both a New Year’s and a 40th B-day resolution to take better care of myself (physically, emotionally and spiritually) so that I can be a better wife, daughter, sister, music-minister, and child of God. I challenge all of you who struggle with this as well. We need to give everything our best. Take care of yourself. Be strong spiritually, physically and emotionally and you can better serve those around you. 
Thank you for letting me share. I pray you have a blessed month. 
I will reach out with a Music News and Update soon. 

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