From the recording Love Along The Way

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My husband and I are both fans of Peter Cetera and this is our favorite song. I was so excited to be able to make it a part of this record. We live in a world in which we are surrounded by people and things trying to get our attention. This song reminds us that sometimes we need to just stop, be still and listen.


One Clear Voice
(JD Martin & Marc Beeson)

The whole world is talkin
Drownin out my voice
How can I hear myself with all this noise
But all this confusion, it just disappears
When I find a quiet place where I can hear

One clear voice
Callin out for me to listen
One clear voice
Whispers words of wisdom
I close my eyes
Til I find what I've been missin'
And if I'm very still I will hear
One clear voice

I'm always searchin for which path to take
Sometime's I'm so afraid
That I'll make mistakes
But somewhere inside of me
Stronger than my fears
Just like the sound of music to my ears