1. Chasing Me

From the recording Love Along The Way

Growing up I always thought the most perfect and stable thing was family. When my family "broke," I couldn't deal with it and I pulled away. As a child and teen I imagined the perfect future. But when I'd make mistakes I thought I'd never make, I was heartbroken. In my mind I've seen the world as it should be, but it isn't and I don't know how to fix it. Looking back on all of these things, I finally see that in the sorrow and pain, the turmoil and hurt, there too is Jesus. I can rest easy knowing that His love never fails.


Chasing Me
(Meredith Andrews, Shaun Shankel, Jaime Thietten)

There were days when I ran
From everything that's broken
There were nights when I wept
Over all the cruelty
There were years when I tried
To write my perfect story
Only to find
It was always out of reach

I was looking for a love
That already found me

Like a song chasin' a melody
Like the wind chasin' the fallin' leaves
Like the storm blows the rain out to sea

Well your love is fierce it can't be earned
That's the truth I've had to learn
I always thought I was chasing you
But you were chasing me

In your hands I can rest
While you mend my broken pieces
In your arms I can stay
While you wash and make me clean
Oh I surrender
To the grace you lay before me
knowing I'm safe in your perfect peace

I can finally see your love
It's all around me

I stop runnin, I stop runnin, yeah

Like a song embraces a melody
Like the wind embraces the fallin leaves
Like the sun calms the rain out at sea
We'll your love is fierce it can't be earned
That's the truth I've had to learn
And all the while, I was chasin you
You were chasin' me
You were chasin' me