From the recording The Joy of Christmas

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I had the blessing of having some special guests join me on this record. This next song includes the AMAZING VINCE GILL! I'm still pinching myself. As we were choosing songs I knew I wanted a duet. My producer asked who and I thought "hmmm, of the big Nashville artists..." lol. I told him Vince Gill and my producer replied "WOW! Dreaming Big aren't way Jaime?" I said of course! I got the orchestra I'm not going to stop dreaming now. As I was driving from the hotel to the studio one morning I got a call from my producer who asked if I was sitting down. I said yes. He then said, "Well, Vince just called and he said YES!" I about drove off the road! I was sitting down but I was driving. I am so blessed by his incredible voice on this album. Vince have an amazing voice and is so gifted with playing guitar, but what I love most is that he is so humble and has such a big heart. Thank you Vince for helping this Idaho girl's dream come true. You blessed this record BIG time. May God continue to bless you in all you do for His glory.