May - New Chapter, Tour Calendar, Husbands Health Update

Hi Friends! 

Oh my goodness! It’s May! I apologize for not getting a newsletter update out since February. Things have been very busy as I wrap up my last semester working for St. John’s Student Center at ISU and…

Happy February - Exciting News!

Happy February! 

I have some Exciting News to share! 

2 years ago I came off the road to work a 9-5er in order to help my husband get his Masters Degree. During this time he also suffered some…

Happy January!

I hope you are enjoying the New Year.  IDAHO IS COVERED IN SNOW!  We’ve had several storms pound through leaving over a foot of snow and drifts up to 3 feet in places where I live. I definitely got my…

November News 

Hard Goodbyes - Big Duet Surprise -
Blessings Realized - Christmas Concerts Advertised


The past few months have been exciting, overwhelming, sad, and blessed. I’ve been excited about this record, overwhelmed at my extra responsibilities at work since…


Video Sneak Peek - Full Song

The New Christmas CD is ALMOST HERE!
Pre-Sale pricing is still available. 12.00 (reg. 15.99)

Enjoy a sneak peek of 
"O Come All Ye Faithful" Video
with Orchestra!

Who Doesn't LOVE an Early Christmas Present?

Seasons Greetings in September! 
I've been working hard the past couple of months and wanted to give you some updates on the new record. I still have some exciting news to share but have to wait until next month, so…


Sneak Peek of Music from the New Christmas Record

for the prayers and financial contributions that have helped get us this far.  

I had an Incredible time in Nashville last week! What a Week! This Christmas record is off to a TREMENDOUS start and…


New Website Design

Welcome to the new website.
We hope you enjoy browsing through the new design and seeing new images and information.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Happy Easter - Prayers Needed

Happy Easter! He is Risen! And because of that, there is Hope! And this last couple of weeks Pete and I have needed a lot of Hope. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Celebration. Wishing you all a…

Lenten Message and Music Update

Hi Friends, 

I hope this message finds you enjoying the Lenten Season. 

  "Lent is a time for personal conversion,
a time when Christians strip away all that is unnecessary
and become more mindful of their dependence on God."